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Hear what our clients have to say.

Our clients have already started their journey of transformation - read their testimonials to hear what they have to say about their experience with Big Tree Coaching.

LEVEN RAMBIN EXCLUSIVE Celebrity Life Coach Guillermo Molano

Everyone loves a good story—and Sarah Connor's story in the Terminator is a classic one of incredible strength and courage. In this inspiring video, Leven Rambin, Lead Actress of Terminator, shares her experience of working with Big Tree Coaching. In this video, she shares her experience of finding Big Tree Coaching and Guillermo, and how it transformed her life. Hear first-hand from Leven about the powerful life changing results she achieved as a result of working with celebrity life coach, Guillermo Molano.

“Guillermo's life coaching transformed my life. From an early age I suffered from anxiety, bouts of depression, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. My perception of myself was completely distorted and was based on negative thinking patterns and behaviors that I was not able to overcome. I booked my first NLP consultation with Guillermo, referred to by a friend who struggled with similar issues. After the first session, immediately I started noticing a shift in my mind/body. We worked through deep seated issues, insecurities, old blockages and limiting beliefs. Guillermo offers a supportive and nurturing environment, working specifically in an innovative way, engaging together creatively to generate personal outcomes based on everyone’s experiences. This was particularly important to me because I was able to express myself in a positive and effective way. I would like to truly thank Guillermo for making this transition in my life possible and for allowing and encouraging a friendly space for me to heal and grow. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking professional help with any psychological issues to contact him.”

Justine Murray


"Guillermo, I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the guidance and support you've shared the last month. Last night I enjoyed some of the most inner peace I've felt in a very long time. I feel like I've been fighting a war inside myself for a decade with no winners and finally everyone is willing to cooperate. In 3 sessions you have helped me more than years of introspection and family therapy when I was young. Thank you."

Eric Baudry


Stella Villeneuve

"In December 2015, I took a phobia cure with Guillermo and was so very pleased by the results. I have had a rather traumatic experience in the past on a plane and developed a great fear of flying since that time. Since I am a seasoned traveler, I find myself traveling by airplane often but absolutely dread it every time. My fears finally got the best of me, and I strongly considered not flying anymore, but since I am a Canadian citizen and my husband is South African, this wasn't really a plausible option. So, I decided to seek some help to ensure that my inflight experiences could once again become enjoyable and stress free. And this is where Guillermo and NLP came in. After having done the phobia cure with Guillermo, I had a flight departing from Canada heading to South Africa scheduled exactly a week later. This was perfect as I could test out the efficiency of my session speedily. I was excited to see how my anxiety towards flying would be affected. And the results were delightful! I can honestly say that for the first time since my anxiety towards flying developed, I felt at ease, and even rather enjoyed my flight. I was so pleased with the outcome and now feel positive that I've got a grip on this and will be able to travel anxiety free from here on out. Also, it must be said that Guillermo was very professional and willing to go out of his way to help me understand the inner workings of NLP and ensure that the session was successful and beneficial. Guillermo is a kind and gentle person and I feel very lucky to have discovered my first taste of NLP with him. Of course, I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that is interested in discovering NLP or a phobia cure. Thank you for a beautiful experience, Guillermo."


"My daughter stopped talking at school for 2 years because she was being bullied. She also stopped interacting with other kids and teachers which meant that she stopped learning. She would just sit there pretending that no one was around her. If a teacher or another student asked her something she pretended to not hear or see anything. During those 2 years she was seen by psychologists with no improvement. When I went to Guillermo I was desperate and I was also amazed at how she responded so positively after the first session. She started interacting with both teachers and kids and laughing again. She even started dancing when music was played at school. After the third session she finally started talking again. I'm so grateful to Guillermo, my daughter is not only talking and learning at school, she is also doing very well."

Daniela Mata



Silvia Cascante

"My childhood was marked by child abuse and aggression towards me and other members of my family. That was hard on me and made it difficult for me to thrive in life. As a grown up I was constantly exposing myself to risky situations that I didn't know how to handle. I ended up in a relationship that had turned mentally and emotionally abusive and that it was about to turn physically abusive. That's when I decided to look for professional help. I am very grateful to Guillermo because after our session I was able to see things clearly and with a different perspective and I suddenly knew what I had to do. I ended my abusive relationship immediately and I started to focus on myself and my needs. Guillermo helped me to restore my self-esteem and today I feel very empowered, and my life situation keeps improving. I highly recommend his work."


Hear What Other Professionals Have to Say About Big Tree Coaching.

Guillermo's team of certified NLP Master Practitioners is setting the gold-standard for transformative coaching. Hear what industry professionals are saying about Big Tree Coaching.

Alison Ritrovato

Certified Hypnotist

Healing Energy Wellness

“Guillermo, I think of you often because I use the skills you taught me so much in my work now. I always say a silent thank you to you each time a client tells me how much their life has changed for the better. I'm so grateful I can help people back on their path and you were instrumental in this! “

John Blue

Qigong & Meditation Instructor

Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

"Guillermo has been my clinical partner for many years. Within the community his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine & NLP coaching are in constant demand. This rare ability to treat both the body & mind holistically has proven to be transformative for our patients. I cannot overstate his intelligence, his capacity for caring, or his passion for excellence. He has a genius for unlocking human potential and for maximizing the capacity of any business venture. Place yourself in his capable hands, and you’ll always be rewarded for your choice."

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